Young Filmmakers and Movie Camp is Located in Milford Mill, close to:

Randallstown, Towson, Owings Mills, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Howard County

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Young Filmmakers and Movie Camp is Located in Milford Mill, close to:  Randallstown, Towson, Owings Mills, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Howard County

Baltimore Film Makers Camp created for Young Film Makers who learn to produce videos and make films using the iPad.
Young Film Makers Camp teaches kids how to produce video and make movies using the Apple iPad.

Young FilmMakers


Camp Location

Young FilmMakers Camp

3527 N. Rolling Road

Suite 22

Baltimore, MD 21244`


We are located at the intersection of Liberty Road and Rolling Road, behind the Bank of America and McDonald's


Days Left until the end of the 2017 Young FilmMakers Camp

Young FilmMakers Camp

2017 Young FilmMakers Camp Schedule:


The Young FilmMakers Camp teaches campers the art of FilmMaking using the Apple iPad. Although there are other devices that record videos, we prefer and use  the iPad.


The Young FilmMakers Camp will run from June 19, 2017 to August 11, 2017 from 8 am to 4pm. For an additional fee of $10 per day, early drop off is 7:30am and pick up is until 6pm, Monday through Friday. Field trips will be held on different days during the week and vary from session to session. The registration fee covers your Film Crew t-shirt and hat, breakfast, lunch, snacks and transportation on field trips. The cost for museum trips, will be an additional cost. Register your child for the entire 2017 Summer Camp and save $200 before June 1, 2017.

The Registration fee of $50 is a one time fee required for all camp sessions. The fee

covers transportation fees for field trips, with the exception of the National Aquarium.

You can also register for individual sessions

Summer 2017 - Session 1 - $400

Learn to Speak on Camera June 20th through July 1st

Field Trip- Local TV Stations


Learn to make movies using the iPad in Summer Camp in Randalllstown near Owings MillsThis two week workshop will teach campers how to speak on camera.  Campers will visit a local TV station where they will watch a LIVE Newscast. Campers will then practice writing scripts, delivering speeches on camera, then learn to shoot and edit videos using their iPads. They will then create stories based on current events or their favorite games, toys or IOS Apps. At the parents discretion, campers can then create their very own YouTube channel. They will learn how to create a channel, create a screen name and create their own videos doing reviews of their favorite app, game or toys. This session will help campers improve their writing, speaking and collaboration skills. It also teaches entrepreneurship. All of which are Summer learning enrichment activities. Register now.

Summer 2017 - Session 2 - $425

Produce a Film and Documentary July 3rd through July 14th

Field Trip - National Aquarium Baltimore, MD


In this two week session, campers will learn how films and documentaries are produced. Campers will learn how to research topics, write a script from that research, speak on camera and do voice over. They will then visit the National Aquarium where they will record video footage for the documentary that they want to produce. They will gather footage that matches the voice over scripts that they wrote at camp and record an on camera introduction at the National Aquarium. They will then come back to camp and assemble their films along with the footage they acquired from the National Aquarium and the voice over narration they record at camp. Campers will learn about new subjects like the animals and the ecosystems in the Rain Forest, Coral Reefs, Sharks and other marine life and some geography. All of which are Summer learning enrichment activities. Register now.  Price includes the cost of admission to The Aquarium.

Summer 2017 - Session-$400

Tour The Nation's Capital to Produce a Tourism and Vacation Film in Washington DC

July 18th through July 29th

Field Trip - Points of Interest in Washington, DC


Learn to make movies in Summer Camp near McDonogh School and Park School. The Young Film Makers Camp. Campers will work together as a group to choose what museums and monuments they would like to visit in the Nation's Capital. They will then do research and write stories that they will turn into a script. They will plan how they will capture the footage during the field trip to Washington DC. While there, they will explore the museum, record video footage of the various exhibits and then do an on camera interview to introduce the film. They will then gather all footage of museums and monuments that match their script and come back to the camp where they will complete their film. Campers will learn more about American History as they do research for their script and pull it all together during the visit to Washington DC, at which time we might visit other museum. This two week session teaches collaboration and is a project based curriculum exercise.

Register now. 

Summer 2017 - Session 4 - $400

Create your own YouTube Channel - July 31st through August 11th

Field Trip - Maryland Science Center and others TBD


So many children and teens are creating YouTube Channels. In many cases, their parents are getting involved and helping their children make money on YouTube. In this session, we will teach campers how to create their very own Youtube channel and videos with the iPad. They will learn to write a script, shoot, edit and then upload the video to YouTube on their own channel. We also teach them how to come up with keywords and build an audience of viewers. They will also learn how to get subscribers, make stories that people want to watch and how to write channel descriptions that get viewers so that they can grow their audience. Register Now. This course will sell out.  Register now. 

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