Young Filmmakers and Movie Camp is Located in Cockeysville, close to:

Timonium, Towson, Owings Mills, Randallstown, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Howard County

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Young Filmmakers and Movie Camp is Located in Cockeysville, MD, close to:  Randallstown, Towson, Owings Mills, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Howard County

Baltimore Film Makers Camp created for Young Film Makers who learn to produce videos and make films using the iPad.
Young Film Makers Camp teaches kids how to produce video and make movies using the Apple iPad.

Terms (applies to ALL registered camp attendees)

Young FilmMakers Camp Participation

All students who attend the Young FilmMakers Camp are required to be on their best behavior at all times at all times. Whether in the studios and offices of the camp or on location during a field trip. All students will be expected to act accordingly and be on the best behavior at all times. Physical confrontations will NOT be tolerated and is grounds for dismissal and no refund will be given. Pushing, shoving and using profanity is not permitted. No behavior, that would jeopardize the safety and well being of others, will be tolerated or permitted. All students and campers will be friendly and respectful to one another and all camp directors and counselors in the camp and will listen to the adults that are in charge at the camp. All students and adults will behave in a professional manner at all times and as demonstrated by officials at the Student Media Camp. Any camper that jeopardizes the safety of themselves, another student of the Young FilmMakers Camp will be dismissed and refunded a portion of their camp fees.

Use of equipment

Production Release

Camp Location

Young FilmMakers Camp:


10 Warren Road

Suite 115

Cockeysville, MD 21030`


Everyone that participates in the Young FilmMakers Camp will respect their equipment and the equipment of others and the staff. All equipment that is the property of The Student Media Camp that is made available to students during the camp session will be handled with care and returned in working condition.

All equipment owned by The Young FilmMakers Camp and used by students and campers MUST be signed our by students and campers and MUST be returned at the end of the camp day. Students and campers who sign equipment out are held totally responsible for the equipment and it's care. Any lost or damaged equipment by the student or camper must be replaced and parents will be billed for repair cost and/or replacement costs of said equipment.

With your child's registration and participation in the Young FilmMakers Camp, you give The Young FilmMakers Camp and it's parent company, Chosen Media, Inc. permission to use your child's likeness in any and all promotional and marketing materials in print, video, film, still photography, audio recordings and any other form of media deemed necessary for the use of marketing Chosen Media, Inc. and/or The Young FilmMakers Camp and The Student Media Awards.

Furthermore, any videos,  films and derivative works produced by those participating in the Young FilmMakers Camp can be used by Chosen Media, Inc., The Young FilmMakers Camp and the Young FilmMakers Awards for marketing, promotion and public relations purposes. Participants will retain creative rights to their works.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is as follows:


100% Refund if you cancel on or before 21 days prior to the start of your registered session

50% Refund if you cancel between 10 and 20 days prior to the start of your registered session

10% Refund if you cancel within 9 days of the start of your session.

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