Young Filmmakers and Movie Camp is Located in Cockeysville, close to:

Timonium, Towson, Owings Mills, Randallstown, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Howard County

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Young Filmmakers and Movie Camp is Located in Cockeysville, MD, close to:  Randallstown, Towson, Owings Mills, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Howard County

Baltimore Film Makers Camp created for Young Film Makers who learn to produce videos and make films using the iPad.
Young Film Makers Camp teaches kids how to produce video and make movies using the Apple iPad.

Camp Location

Young FilmMakers Camp:


10 Warren Road

Suite 115

Cockeysville, MD 21030`


Young Filmmakers Camp Where campers learn to make movies and films in a Summer Camp.

Young FilmMakers Camp

Baltimore Summer Camp teaches campers how to be film makers using the iPadThe Young FilmMakers Camp was created to allow kids to have an opportunity to learn how to make movies. Today's kids are so very talented. They have access to so many resources and technology has created a bridge for them to access these resources. One of the fastest and easiest ways that they learn is through video and film. Most of the video and film that they watch is online. The Young FilmMakers Camp gives them an opportunity to create their own stories as they have fun learning how to produce films and videos. The Young FilmMakers Camp is a GREAT start for any child.

Here is a video project created by a third grader and his brother, who was in Kindergarten at the time of the production. The video was for a class project about the State of Indiana. YouChildren learn how to make movies about their favorite games, apps and toys and then put the videos they produce on YouTube. can see the video here: Indiana Video. The video was met with rave reviews and the teachers LOVED the presentation. Ever since then, these two brothers have been producing videos.

They have since partnered with some classmates to produce, "Water Pollution""The Fall of Humanity" and their latest video trailer, edited ALL on the iPad. The films and videos that these guys produced are entered into the Gilman Film Festival receive a resounding applause. Seeing how much all of the kids enjoyed being in the video and how much they all learned about producing video, The Young FilmMakers Camp was born.

2019 Young FilmMakers Camp

The 2019 Young FilmMakers Camp will be held in Baltimore County, MD. We are located at the intersection of Liberty Road and Rolling Road, right behind the McDonald's and Bank of America. The 2019 Young FilmMakers Camp, will introduce and teach students to:

Learn to produce films and video using the Apple iPad.

Learn to edit video using iMovie on the Apple iPad and create a YouTube Channel.

Visit points of interest in Baltimore and Washington DC to create videos.

Tour local TV stations, meet the TV anchors and watch a live news broadcast.

The Young FilmMakers Camp gives kids, aged 7-15 an opportunity to learn how to produce quality films and videos and learn how to work in a group as part of a real film, video and movie production team. The kids will work with and learn from real media professionals and work on real projects that will teach them how to produce projects on their own iPad or one of ours. Space is limited to keep class sizes small so register now.


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